Welcome to Koro Island, Fiji

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Koro Island is part of the Lomaiviti archipelago. The Koro Sea is named after this volcanic island, which has a chain of basaltic cinder cones extending from north to south along its crest. With a land area of 108.9 square kilometers, it is the sixth largest island of Fiji. Its latitude is 17.18°; its longitude is 179.24°. As of 2007 around 4500 Fijians lived on the island in 14 villages. A roll-on, roll-off ferry services Koro twice weekly from Suva, and also connects Koro to Vanua Levu to the North. There is one scheduled flight per week to Koro, usually on Saturdays from Suva. Charters can be arranged every day.

The island has been accurately and exotically described by no one better than Captain Bligh of His Majesty's ship "Providence". During his historical journey from Tahiti to Batavia in 1789, he wrote, "the island of Koro is of good height, it is easternmost of the islands I discovered and passed and recorded in my log book on May 6, 1789, on the Bounty's Launch. Nothing can exceed its beauty.”

The island has an airport, situated on its eastern coast. On its northwestern tip is situated the Dere Bay Resort and the Koro Beach Resort. A residential subdivision, Koro Seaview Estates, was established around Dere Bay Resort in 1989 and about 50 homes have been built in the development as of 2012. Owners come from 26 countries all around the world. Planting kava and selling copra are the major economic activities for villagers on Koro. The island produces its own biofuel from coconuts. Among Fijians, Koro is known as the most fertile island in Fiji, boasting large plantations and thriving tropical forests. Koro has an exceptional bird life and has been featured in numerous books. The short-lived 2002 U.S. reality show Under One Roof was filmed on Koro Island, and “International House Hunters featured the island as one of the best places for island living in the world. Koro Seaviews Estates has been the bestselling development in the Fiji islands to date, with property values remaining steady despite a global downturn, attesting to the uniqueness of the island and the development itself.

To the people of Nacamaki Village in Koro Island, turtles are their sacred ancestral god. There is one group of family descendants that perform a special ritual to summon the turtles to the surface. To see a Video of the turtle calling, click here.

Koro island is home of two resorts, Dere Bay Resort and Koro Beach Resort, and the residential development Koro Seaview Estates. For more info please contact welcome@koroisland.com